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Enchanting Beginnings: The Lunar Galas Story

We’re thrilled to unveil our blog and extend a warm welcome to you! The Lunar Galas blog is your gateway to enchanting realms where myth and reality intertwine—a mystical portal where we’ll delve into the rich tapestry of lore that inspires our events and share updates on our magical journey.

Introducing Lunar Galas At the heart of our mission lies the creation of spellbinding experiences that beckon our guests to journey through realms of fantasy, myth, and wonder. Our specialty dinner events are meticulously crafted to transport our guests to otherworldly realms, offering an immersive experience with a tapestry of activities that blend creative workshops, reflective practices, and sumptuous feasts. We aim to provide an experience that nourishes the mind and soul, as well as the body, combining the serenity of a retreat with the joy of a celebration into one unforgettable journey.

Our Story: From Whimsical Gatherings to Enchanted Galas Our adventure began in the summer of 2022 with a gathering that ignited it all—Vampire night. A small circle of friends, an evening full of fun, and the seed was planted. Since then, we’ve created six different themed celebrations! Encouraged by our friends, we transformed our passion for these parties into Lunar Galas, inviting a diverse audience to partake in our magical soirées.

Your Hosts: Vanessa Smith and Kate Caringella Our friendship, spanning nearly 15 years, has been the bedrock of our events. We balance each other’s ideas and strengths and love working together.

Vanessa is the visionary behind the idea for our themed parties and excels at coming up with unique themes and activities. She is dedicated to crafting enchanting experiences that resonate with each guests, weaving fantasy into the fabric of our events.

Kate is passionate about creating unforgettable events. She loves researching and infusing unique elements of diverse folklore and myth into our events. By weaving in the past, she loves to create a magical experience for our guests. She considers every detail and aspect of our parties, making sure the entire experience is engaging and immersive.

Upcoming Event: Dionysus: Monsters of Myth Gala An Evening of Decadence and Revelry. Our next event is set to be our most monumental celebration yet. This will be a celebration of the myriad facets of ourselves and the mythical creatures of lore. This event is designed for everyone, and we invite you to embark with us on this adventure to celebrate the diversity of our spirits and the monstrous within us all.

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