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Bringing Your Dreams to Life

At Lunar Galas we blend the benefits of a relaxing retreat, a creative workshop, and a memorable party. Our guests can relax, learn new skills and connect with other women while exploring myth, magic, and fantasy.


Lunar Galas is a specialty dinner event company founded by Vanessa Smith and Kate Caringella. Our mission is to create a unique, magical experience that allows our guests to explore their inner selves through fantasy, myth and fun. We offer a variety of activities, from crafting to self-reflection and delicious meals, to provide an unforgettable journey into the mind and soul.

What began as parties among friends quickly blossomed into a dream of sharing our unique style of events with others. We invite you to join us and explore the possibilities that Lunar Galas has to offer.

Vanessa Smith and Kate Caringella: Co-Founders & Event Planners

A Visionary Mindset

Vanessa is the visionary behind the idea for our themed parties and loves to create experiences for the best party you never knew existed! Vanessa, whose passion for events and flair for the dramatic is unrivaled, will do everything in her power to make sure you experience an event you never forget.

Vanessa Smith


Attention to Detail

Kate is passionate about creating unforgettable events. She takes pride in every detail, ensuring your party is flawlessly executed! She enjoys researching and planning each aspect of our parties making sure the entire experience is mentally,  and emotionally engaging. 

Kate Caringella

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