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Megan Swensen

The best parties I've been  to have been hosted by Lunar Galas. Kate and Vanessa put so much thought, research, time, and love into every detail of their parties. You can tell this is something they are passionate and knowledgeable about, and they have fun doing it. Attending one of their parties is like stepping out of real life and escaping into a storybook for a night. I leave with a new knowledge and appreciation for whatever theme of the night was, and with new friendships as well. You don't want to miss out on this!


Aubrey Golling

Every time I go to one of their nights I enjoy it! They really put attention in the details! For me, I also like that there are moments planned for introspection outside of the other entertaining activities."


Amanda Wright

I love getting dressed up and going to these themed parties! It feels like I'm entering a different world. The attention to detail in the decorations, the activities, and the atmosphere is unforgettable. The food is delicious and fits the theme every time. They always have a well planned out craft and goodie bag to go home with, which is so much fun! There is something so memorable and special about being with a group of amazing women, all dressed up and sharing an unforgettable experience. I can't wait for the next party!

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Kristin Southwick

So welcoming and warm. Great hospitality. The space was set up beautifully. Very comfortable and it was easy to relax. Both hosts have such a natural, good vibe. I loved my evening there and I'm looking forward to their next event. Food was amazing!!


Kira Emery

The whole night was so amazing. It was so clearly thought out and meticulously planned. You could really tell how much time and love was put into everything! The food was amazing, the activities were amazing, and I had a blast.



It was a very pleasant experience. The two hosts were very delightful and made me feel at home very quickly. So much detail was put into the experience and there were so many activities to do that it was easily worth the money. I’m very excited to attend future events and recommend them to my friends.


Ruth Crook

I had a lot of fun! The food was lovely, the activities were great, and chatting with everyone was fantastic!

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